Ogawaken, a pastry shop in Shimbashi (Photo: Peter Lin)

Paris Ogawaken in Shimbashi

Elegant tea salon and patisserie shop with a unique souvenir

Peter Lin   - 2 min read

Paris Ogawaken is a famous patisserie store and cafe in the Shimbashi neighborhood. Known for its excellent pastries and cakes, Ogawaken has a shop to buy desserts to take home as well as a relaxing tea salon next door to enjoy pastries on site. The space is small but cozy and refined in atmosphere. The shop is popular so items may run out by the afternoon.  The Shimbashi neighborhood is a quieter area close to Shiodome as well as the busier streets of Ginza.  The history of Ogawaken is somewhat complicated but the original store started in 1905 and over the years, stores have popped up in different areas of Tokyo including Daikanyama and Ochanomizu with Western style restaurants as well as the patisserie. 

The menu offers a variety of French pastries and cakes. The original roll cake is light and the cream not too sweet. Strawberry shortcake is similarly light with excellent quality fruit as well. Other cakes include a chocolate roll cake, cream puff, or mango pie. Seasonal fruit pies may include peach or other delicious fruits.  Smaller pastries include Dacquoise, leaf pie, financiers, or madeleines. Coffee and tea are available to accompany the desserts. Ogawaken is also known for a special pastry known as a raisin sandwich or "raisinwich." This is a cookie sandwich with flaky pastry surrounding a rich butter cream with raisins and a light rum flavor. It is a delicious souvenir that is unique and refined in it taste despite its simplicity.  The desserts are affordable and a box of 10 raisinwiches is about 1100 yen.  

Ogawaken is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and closed on Sundays. The cafe is a nice place to take a break while shopping in Ginza. The store is easily accessible and closest to JR Shimbashi Station. There is also another store and cafe in Meguro.

Getting there

Ogawaken is located close to JR Shimbashi station. The 1B exit is closest to the store.

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