Our view during dinner  (Photo: Logan Williamson)

Mansei Bokujo

BBQ beef eater's heaven in Kanda

Our view during dinner  (Photo: Logan Williamson)
Logan Williamson   - 4 min read

Niku no Mansei is a ten-story meat eaters heaven located in Kanda that houses Mansei Bokujo, a not to be missed BBQ restaurant with some really great prices and an even better view. Located on the 5th floor, you can dine on various delicious cuts of beef while looking out over the Kanda skyline. It’s not too fancy either and has a lot of energy, especially at night, so if you are craving some steak and a good time, definitely check Mansei Bokujo out! Kanda is just a short walk away from Akihabara Station.

It's a really pleasant walk at that, so while you’re making your way to Mansei Bokujo make sure to check out some of the stores along the way. You’ll find everything from electrical stores to shops selling used iPhone 6’s and cameras, and of course, store after store of anime figurines and collectables. If you are a tech geek or are into “otaku” culture, the journey from the station will be a dream.

Niku no Mansei is not too hard to find. You’ll cross over a bridge and see the giant ten story building tower before you. The most noticeable aspect of Niku no Mansei is the red cow face that sticks out triumphantly at the top of the building. Head inside and go up the elevator to the 5th floor for Mansei Bokujo! Once inside you’ll be directed to your table which will either be traditional western style tables with a grill in the middle, or you can be seated at the window.

I highly recommend requesting to sit at the window, as you are offered an unobstructed 180 degree view of the city. It’s bar style seating, so it is perfect for couples or friends. The decor is simple and has elements of a more upscale feel to it, but overall, Mansei Bokujo is perfect for both dates and a casual night out with friends. No need to dress up in your best for this BBQ heaven.

The menu offers a paradise of sorts to any beef lover. There are dozens of various cuts and sizes of steak you can get with prices starting at ¥1,100 and going up from there. There were only two of us, so we ordered three different styles of steak. The first one was the most inexpensive option, and then we also ordered two more cuts that were around ¥1,800 and ¥2,500. While all of the cuts were absolutely delicious, the best hands down was the beef that was priced at ¥2,500. It goes to show that the quality and taste of the meat really does get better and better the more expensive it is. That can be hard for someone on a tight budget to accept, but you can still get a great meal even if you do stick with the cheapest cut!

We also ordered the “Korean Style Mixing Rice” and the veggie plate. The rice was basically a bibimbap and was some of the best I’ve had. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some extra side dishes! They also brought out soup for us, which was a miso soup, and that was great as well. We got some kimchi, but a warning to those who are not into spicy food: Mansei Bokujo makes their Kimchi super spicy!

Overall, if I had the opportunity to come back to Mansei Bokujo again, I would in a heartbeat! You really can’t beat grilling mouth watering cuts of steak while looking out over a Tokyo skyline.

Logan Williamson

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