An inner courtyard on the ground floor of the Museum of Graphic Arts (Photo: Kenny King Hin Choi)

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Graphic prints and literature of Machida

An inner courtyard on the ground floor of the Museum of Graphic Arts (Photo: Kenny King Hin Choi)
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The Machida Museum of Graphic Arts and Literary House of Machida City are important institutions that not only showcase classic works by famous writers or printers, to a very large extent they support local cultural development and form part of the communal life for local citizens. Situated not far from each other and both within walking distance to the train station, they could be visited within half a day.

The Machida Museum of Graphic Arts is at the south entrance of Serigaya Park. It houses a collection of graphic prints from different eras and of varying themes. The exhibition halls are on the second floor, while on the first floor, two videos corners allow visitors to get a deeper knowledge of the art of graphic printing. The theater room gives detailed explanation of various genres into which the museum’s collection is categorized. Over thirty videos can quench your thirst for understanding the diverse themes executed by woodblock printers, such as religious prints, copper block prints, mountain scenes, and prints from renowned 19th and 20th century artists, among others. The other video corner focuses on the different skills needed to produce copper block and wood block printings. Visitors who are interested in gaining hands on experience can even join the one-day printing workshop held by professional printers.

The Literary House of Machida City occupies a smaller place then the graphic arts museum. Most reading materials are on the ground floor. Behind the entrance, posters of famous writers who are related to Machida line the wall on the right hand side. You can borrow books or seek assistance at the information desk. At the end of the first floor is a reading room where literature of different genres is available for reading or on-site studies. There is also a printing room and a sales corner next to the staircase.

If you feel tired of looking at more prints and reading literary works, there are tea houses on the ground floors of both institutions. The Machida Museum of Graphic Arts offers a nicer garden view, while in the indoor literary house you will be surrounded by local magazines and works of famous authors.

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