Going to a party? Get your party dress right here! (Photo: Maren Pauli)

Fashion Haven: Jorna Machida

Shopping galore in Shibuya’s little sister city

Going to a party? Get your party dress right here! (Photo: Maren Pauli)
Maren Pauli   - 3 min read

When you exit Machida Station, you might think you’re in Shibuya. The street atmosphere is pretty much the same and they even have a 109, a satellite of the original department store in Shibuya! This time I visited another shopping mall though: Jorna Machida. It is just next to Machida 109 and definitely worth a brief (or slightly extended) stop.

On seven floors you will find everything you need to get a new style, have a little snack when you get hungry and entertain yourself. Most of the shops on the floors one through four are fashion shops and they offer a great variety of clothing. From casual everyday wear to evening dresses and even gothic lolita style, Jorna Machida makes you perfectly happy. Of course the prices differ by shop and the kind of clothing you prefer, but to give you a rough idea, in most shops you'd pay about ¥2000-3000 for a skirt, ¥1000-2500 for shirts and pullovers and ¥3500-5000 for dresses. And while most of the shops are for women, there are also a few with men’s wear, as well as a music store and an anime-manga store, where the guys can spend their time while the girls get new clothes. And you can stock up on new jewelry as well, because Jorna also has many accessories shops where you can find handbags, jewelry, fashion glasses and everything your heart could wish for.

On basement level 1 you will find a lot of purikura booths. These typical Japanese photo booths are just the perfect thing to do after a shopping trip with your best friend. For about ¥400 you can take 8-10 funny pictures. The editing process will have you in stitches and for me it's even funnier than taking the pictures! What I found really great was that purikura in Jorna Machida are also available in English. Nevertheless, instructions come very fast and you have to decide quickly, but there are lots of purikura booths that give you many chances to try. So don’t hesitate and get your souvenir of the day!

Take the JR Yokohama Line or the Odakyu Line to Machida Station and take the north exit for JR (south for Odakyu) and you’ll see Machida 109. Jorna Machida is located in the small pedestrian shopping street south of 109.

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