Postcard that merits a frame. (Photo: Sherilyn Siy)

Lemon Gasui

Specialty art supply shop

Postcard that merits a frame. (Photo: Sherilyn Siy)
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The first thing that will catch your attention are the rotating postcard stands outside the shop. The postcards are thoughtful, inventive, and possess an artistic sensibility not often found in ordinary, mass produced cards. It will be impossible not to pick one up and share it with someone you know. The next thing that will catch your attention are the colorful stacks lining the window in various designs and color. Peeking through the stacks, you will see coloring materials in all possible shades. Then you know for sure that you have reached the artist's haven.

Lemon Gasui prides itself in being the go-to shop for drafting and design materials, architectural modeling materials and art supplies. Though the shop looks small and narrow from the ground floor, the store has a total area of five floors. The ground floor carries items that appeal to artists and non-artists alike. Here you will find quirky gift suggestions and everyday stationery and office supplies. If you are a color geek and absolutely have to have a color pencil in the exact shade of purple, you will find it here. The upper floors cater more specifically to artists. You will find a comprehensive range of products to support anyone who wish to express themselves concretely and produce something with their hands. Their services extend all the way the presentation processing and art framing.

Founded in 1923 by Tetsujiro Imai who imported painting materials from France and the UK. His business suffered during the Second World War. His daughter Fumiko Imai together with Kazuo Matsunaga opened a cafe and painting shop, which was wildly successful and eventually became the lovely Italian ristorante, Trattoria Lemon. Meanwhile, in 1973, the 5-story building was completed and this became the new home of the current Lemon Gasui.

With years of experience behind them, Lemon Gasui continues to be the artist's partner in creating.

Getting there

From JR Ochanomizu Station, take the Hirijibashi Exit. Turn right. You will find Lemon Gasui on your right side.

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