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The best burgers in Tokyo

Photo: Julian Kloby
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When it comes to food in Japan, Japanese cuisine is obviously a must-try. However, in big cities, like Tokyo, you can also find a variety of foods from all different countries, courtesy of their mixed cultural environments. If you're looking for a good burger in Japan, look for Henry’s. Hamburgers, much like all American food in Japan, were introduced shortly after the end of WWII with the large presence of the U.S. military. Much of the food left as quickly as it came, but one that stuck with the people of Japan was the classic American hamburger.

There are many places in Japan’s major cities where you can find a burger. Some will be familiar, like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. Each offers the kind of burger you can find back in the States but also boast a few unique items that give the burger a Japanese twist. Yet, Henry’s focuses on the traditional burger and has long perfected making it.

Henry’s was founded by Kentaro Nakahara who went by the name Henry during his time in California, hence the branding of his business. His goal was to take the traditional American burger and combine it with A5-grade Wagyu beef, which is commonly found in Japan. The result was a burger unlike any other in Tokyo and quickly appeared on the radars of many food critics and burger fanatics alike.

Today, Henry’s has two locations in the greater Tokyo area and has long been on food critics’ lists for being the best. Having won multiple awards for its famed burger, you would think it’d be expensive to indulge in one of these mastercraft burgers. Fortunately, that’s not the case. The menu offers one, two, or four patties on a single burger. You can have the burger alone or create a meal by adding your choice of a side and drink. Part of what makes their burgers the best is the limited menu options. When you go to Henry’s, you go for the burger.

Locals who enjoy a good burger will tell you that Henry’s is the best. You’ll see plenty of options for burgers here in Tokyo, and Henry’s is just as convenient and affordable as all of them. Feel free to dine in and enjoy the comfortable feeling of a local diner, or use its takeout service if you’re in a rush. If you want to stay home, you can also have your food delivered through its partnership with Uber Eats, given you are close enough to either location.

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