Photo: Crisp Salad Works

Crisp Salad Works Daikanyama

Chopped salad specialists expand in Tokyo

Photo: Crisp Salad Works
Tom Roseveare   - 3 min read

Crisp Salad Works brings the New York trend of chopped salads to Tokyo's Daikanyama, at their fourth branch in a fast-growing chain brought to the capital by serial restaurateur Roy Miyano – of Tex-Mex specialists Frijole fame.

A total of six signature salads kick off the Greens menu, ranging from the Cal-Mex (¥1,260) to the Classic Chicken Caesar (¥1,060), as well as the Farm Bowl and Maverick – rice and multi-grain based concoctions. The ingredient list for each item is as impressive as it is healthy , with the Cal-Mex's romaine lettuce, spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, red onion, home made croutons and mexican honey vinaigrette a real standout.

Move beyond the safety of the signature salad menu though, and the magic of Crisp starts to show – for just ¥970 choose from almost 30 ingredients and 10 homemade dressings that will surely have you returning to discover new possibilities from the almost limitless combinations and endless customisations on offer.

Photo: Crisp Salad Works

Custom salads start with a base of romaine lettuce, spinach, or wild rice + multi-grain (all vegan), topped with 4 selections from a list of cilantro, red cabbage, snap peas, carrot, red onion, tomato, grilled corn, spicy broccoli, roasted tofu, homemade croutons and toasted almonds, to name a few. Go premium with avocado (¥220), grilled chicken (¥220), Greek feta or shaved parmesan (both ¥290).

Everything next then happens right in front of your eyes, as the frantic chopping of the two-handled mezzaluna blade effortlessly dices through your veggies in minimal time. With everything mixed together perfectly with dressing and chopped down to bitesize, ready to eat mouthfuls, chopped salads at Crisp really do offer healthy, comfort food prepared at fast food levels of speedy service.

Photo: Crisp Salad Works

Daikanyama's Crisp Salad Works offers a salad a cut above the standard fare – free of preservatives, gluten and made with the freshest ingredients, drop by to discover what the fuss is about and why this chain is doing so well. As they say at Crisp Salad Works, harvest time has come!

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