Enjoying the outdoor terrace (Photo: Sue Ann Kunath)

Cooling off at T.Y. Harbor Brewery

Enjoying a fresh brew with your lunch at Tennozu Isle

Enjoying the outdoor terrace (Photo: Sue Ann Kunath)
Sue Ann Kunath   - 3 min read

With summer temperatures sweltering, Tokyo has felt like an oven this past month. I personally have not had the appetite or the energy to sit down and enjoy a good meal over lunch. Unless I’d be so warm I’d just sit in for the air conditioning. A wonderful place where one can enjoy a fresh brew and some comfort food while cooling off at the waterfront near Shinagawa station is the T.Y. Harbor Brewery. Yes, they have an own brewery – check. They have a great (Western inspired) lunch and dinner menu – check. And a big terrace where you can lazily stare for hours at the surrounding canals, without passing out in the sun. It has all the must-haves in place to qualify for a splendid outdoor place to enjoy summer weather.

The restaurant is located in an old warehouse building on the banks of the Tennozu canal. Entering the premises you will find that, on your right side (on the canal), there is another TY Harbor Group restaurant and lounge bar moored, called Waterline Floating Lounge. On your left side, the bakery of TY Harbor offers fresh bread and pastries starting 8 am in the morning and also has its own seating area. Walk a bit further and you enter the main restaurant, where you can catch glimpses in the back of the brewery that is churning out all that yummy refreshment. There is a large seating space inside, but in this season, you will want to head straight for the large covered terrace.

The menu shows a selection of fresh crafted beers (also to be found in some of your lunch or dinner items!), small plates, salads, burgers/sandwiches and pastas or pizza. Let’s not forget the big plates with the main meat dishes here too. The food is very tasty and it will take you quite some time to make a decision on what to order. Even after having ordered, I catch myself glimpsing at other tables where other items are being served, thinking whether I should change my own again. Note however though that prices may differ between the lunch and dinner menus.

Good food, a relaxed ambience and a great setting—what more can one want? Even when the weather gets colder in the coming months, you can still enjoy sitting outside as they will place heaters to keep you warm. For now, no need to suffer from the heat—it’s is a good excuse to head out to T.Y. Harbor Brewery.

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