This was the scene on Day 1, 11am in the East Hall. (Photo: Reika Clare)

Comiket 84 Day 1

Comic Market in Tokyo Big Sight, Summer 2013, Day 1

Reika Clare   - 1 min read

Comic Market is a biannual event happening in summer and winter every year for fans to get together to sell and buy fan-made material. The event has expanded since its early days, and is entirely manned by volunteers despite its huge scale.

The two essential elements of Comiket, Tokyo Big Sight and the long long queues, were joined by unprecedented heat this summer at Comiket 84. Crowds wait for hours outside halls to enter and snap up creations by their favorite fellow fan writers and fan artists. Cosplayers congregate in cosplay areas outside the halls, joining in the celebrating of the anime, manga and game subculture. Check out my Day 2 account here.

Reika Clare

Reika Clare @reika.clare

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