Mmmm... delicious burgers with a strawberry milkshake. (Photo: Perri Silverstein)

Arms Burger Restaurant

Enjoy a burger and bring your dog!

Mmmm... delicious burgers with a strawberry milkshake. (Photo: Perri Silverstein)
Perri Silverstein   - 3 min read

Dining in Japan is a spectacular culinary adventure with so many cuisines it's no wonder why some consider it the 'food capital of the world.' Sometimes I get a hankering for classic American fare. When I’m in the mood for a juicy hamburger I head straight for Arms. The burgers are tasty and best of all: people can bring their dogs! Filled with wooden tables, this antique-décor adorned space is sizeable enough for a couple families to bring their four-legged friends. Arms is located on the west side of Yoyogi Park where many people walk their dogs so it makes sense that this establishment welcomes canines.

One of the reasons I love Japan is because of the passion people show for their pets. I’ve seen dogs in more fashionable clothes than I own. People-watching in Tokyo is always enjoyable but “dog watching” is even better. Restaurants that allow dogs are some of my favorite picks because I can nom on delicious food and enjoy the company of some really cute animals. Yet, dining in the company of animals is not for everyone. What is worth mentioning is that whenever I’ve seen pets in a restaurant in Japan, the animals have behaved better than the children.

Of course, we must discuss the most important aspect of Arms: the food! Arms is known for their avocado mushroom burger (¥1,350) and their Popeye burger with spinach and bacon (¥1,150). The secret to their yummy burgers is the fluffy buns made with natural yeast. Besides the lettuce, all the toppings are minced to bring out the flavors. Enjoy your hamburger with a creamy milkshake, available in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or cookies and cream. Set drinks are ¥200 from 11am-4pm. If hamburgers aren't your style, perhaps a savory sandwich will whet your appetite. Arms also offers takeout and delivery options. Another takeout branch, Arms Picnic, is located in Shinjuku Lumine.

During my visit, I devoured my avocado and fried egg burger with a side of fries. While the fries were nothing to write home about, the atmosphere is welcoming and the open kitchen adds to the ambiance. Watch the chefs whip up your food while listening to the classic American oldies music. Situated near the bar is a small children’s area crammed with crayons and toys to keep the young ones occupied. All of the decorations fit with the kitschy Americana theme. Arms stands out for its delectable burgers and dog-friendly environment.

Perri Silverstein

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