Welcome to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" restaurant! Waitresses are fully clad in Alice's signature outfit in Tokyo fashion: a white frilly apron over a light blue, knee length dress. (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Alice: Fantasy Dining in Ginza

An "Alice in Wonderland" themed café

Jessica A Paje   - 1 min read

Alice is a fantasy restaurant café themed after the popular 1865 novel, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” by English author Lewis Carroll. This café is just one of five Alice in Wonderland restaurants in Tokyo (one in Osaka, too). From the moment you step foot off of the elevator into the narrow walkway draped with storybook pages, you’re immediately drawn to having an adventure of your own. Alice is a perfect place for an unusually fun tea party over dinner with the girls. The uniquely decorated menus & motif will keep you tickled for hours.

Jessica A Paje

Jessica A Paje @jessica.paje

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