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Colorful accommodation inspires art

Serena Ogawa   - 8 min read

Immerse yourself in a new world of color and creativity on Tennozu Isle in Tokyo which is easily accessible from downtown Tokyo and is a lively stage designed to enchant everyone. One visit to the area will whet your appetite with stunning vistas, enticing shops, and delicious eating options. The area is popular for mixing waterside views with art-related facilities. Take time to explore the enchanting Tennozu Isle area and discover its many charms.


A world of unique comfort meets with creativity at PETALS TOKYO, a floating hotel located along the Tennozu Canal. Only an 8-minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station, guests can relax at PETALS TOKYO. Consisting of four colorful boats anchored along with "T-LOTUS M", an event venue, visitors can't help but be fascinated with its exterior named after a water lily petal because of the way it floats akin to a lotus petal on surface water. Similar to a houseboat in Amsterdam, the four boats are offered as guest rooms, making for a unique accommodation experience.

The four guest rooms are called PETAL 1 through 4, and each has a different interior and exterior. What they have in common is the overall design of the exterior which emphasizes the taste of handcraft. All the rooms face west so you can gaze out at the shining water during sunset. You can also enjoy your meal or tea time in the room, or a rooftop balcony (for PETAL 3 guests only). Please feel free to contact the hotel staff for room service. At PETALS TOKYO, when you make a reservation, they will ask "what kind of accommodation you would like to have" so that they can tailor a stay to each guest’s unique needs and requests.

The interior of each boat differs from the others, blending warm light and colors with modern appeal. No matter which petal room you stay in, you’ll be treated to a different kind of accommodation comfort than you are used to, which is sure to become a treasured memory of Tokyo.

Bamba Hotel

The Bamba area of Shinagawa holds a sweet secret hotel. When you arrive at Bamba Hotel, you’ll be greeted by lined-up Japanese terraced houses. This once-upon-a-time post-town from long ago housed many horse stables during the Edo period—earning it the name Bamba, or horse place.

In 2014, Bamba Hotel was renovated from an 80-year-old private house into the hotel it is today in order to provide modern comfort with rustic charm. With decor and style from all over the world, you’ll marvel at the eclectic space. The bedroom on the second floor has tatami mat flooring. Being able to spend your time barefoot in the room is also a relaxing point that is typical of Japan. Even rarer, the entire hotel can be rented by one party, which makes for an exclusive Tokyo stay unlike any other.

There are also services that convey the charm of the city, such as walking routes. Why don't you feel the atmosphere of the old post town of Tokaido Shinagawa-shuku? The staff hopes to fully convey the charm of the local area. Not only will they ensure your accommodation is the best, but they’re also ready to offer information about the neighborhood and give guidance to the best places for relaxing meals and breaks. Feel free to ask about must-see spots from the staff. The hotel concierge will do everything possible to make sure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest.


WHAT MUSEUM was opened by Warehouse TERRADA in Tennoz, Tokyo in December 2020. It is a facility that showcases artists' and collectors' precious art properties that have been entrusted to the company's warehouse. The museum exhibits work by artists active in the contemporary art scene side-by-side with the thoughts of the collectors as well as the artists, offering an innovative space for the appreciation of art. The museum exhibits paintings, three-dimensional works, as well as architectural models, photographs, movies, literature, and installations.

After you visit the museum, why not relax at WHAT CAFE. This unique art gallery cafe focuses on up-and-coming artists and provides a coffee-break experience that is sure to be memorable. This Tennoz art spot is a great place to immerse in culture with a cup of aromatic coffee.


Along with the floating hotel on the canal, why not add even more unique experiences to your travel plan? The nearby art supplies lab, PIGMENT TOKYO specializes in traditional art supplies and offers workshops on materials both traditional and leading-edge for all. Exuding tints of "bamboo', the narrow shelves that hold thousands of pigment jars, the pull-out drawers that reveal hundreds of brushes, and even the suspended canopy wrapped in bamboo, every inch has been carefully curated to liven the atmosphere and pay homage to both tradition and techniques of the pigments. Original paint creating in workshops, and art shopping await inside this fascinating space. Find creative inspiration at every turn inside PIGMENT TOKYO or attend one of the many workshops and learn a new skill.

PIGMENT TOKYO is a comprehensive facility for creativity including a museum, an academy, or a store. Let your inner artist free at the one-of-a-kind art laboratory.

The island of Tennozu is full of objects, sculptures, and paintings all around. Enjoy a stay at the fantastic waterside area while enjoying art.

Serena Ogawa

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