A red torii standing at the edge of a rocky cliff (Photo: Cathy Cawood)

Ishiyama Temple in Otsu

Shiga Prefecture's stony mountain temple

Cathy Cawood   - 1 min read

Sometimes I can't believe that this amazing temple in Otsu is not just as famous as better known temples in Kyoto! A short train journey from Kyoto will take you to Ishiyama-dera, a large temple that is both beautiful and interesting. In Japanese "ishi" is "stone", and "yama" is "mountain". The small mountain the temple complex occupies has many attractions, but one of them is an unusual grey wave-like rock formation called a wollastonite. You can see many coins lying in the rock's cracks and crevices, thrown by temple visitors. There are several attractive buildings near the rock formation, including a twelfth century pagoda.

Cathy Cawood

Cathy Cawood @cathy.cawood

 I came to Japan in 2003 to teach English. I lived in Shiga prefecture for 1 year, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I lived in Kyoto for 9 years, then moved to Machida, Tokyo in 2014 after meeting my Japanese partner. I love to take photos, and my Japan in Pictures Facebook page ha...