As the night deepens, enjoy the serenity and the gentle glow of the lights and fireflies. (Photo: Sherilyn Siy)

Terasaka Firefly Festival

A summer lights event at the Terasaka Rice Terraces

Sherilyn Siy   - 1 min read
Venue : Terasaka Rice Terraces When : Early Jul 2023

The Terasaka Rice Terraces in Yokoze, Chichibu, will be open to the public for a special summer lights festival. Aside from the natural population of fireflies in the largest rice terraces in Saitama, there will be some 600 lights scattered throughout the area. Called "Kagari Fire," these lights use environment friendly fuel sourced from used tempura oil collected from the residents of Chichibu. Stage events begin at 16:30 p.m. while the lights begin to glow at 18:00. There will be booths selling cold and hot drinks, deep fried items, soup, rice sets, and sweets. Spend a magical evening surrounded by the gentle glow of eco-lights, stars, and fireflies. If you do not want to rush home to catch the trains, check out one of the two nearby onsens that offer overnight accommodations: Buko Onsen and Miasa. Advanced booking recommended.

Getting there

From Ikebukuro, take the Seibu Ikebukuro line to Hanno. Transfer to the Seibu Chichibu line and get off at Yokoze station. The event site is 15 minutes walk away but on the event day, there is a free shuttle bus every 30 minutes to and from the station starting from 17:00. Parking is limited and visitors are discouraged from coming by car.

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