The pork cutlet is really delicious here; I would even say outstanding. (Photo: Masato Kitamura)

Saiboku Ham and Meat Shop in Hidaka

Shop and restaurant with outstanding food in Saitama

Masato Kitamura   - 1 min read

I sometimes go to "Saibokuhamu" in Hidaka City, a very delicious ham, sausage and meat shop in Saitama Prefecture, just between Kawagoe and Sayama City. The grounds are quite spacious and there is a meat shop (mainly pork) which offers other agricultural products as well, a restaurant, a small pleasure ground and a hot spring bath. The ham and sausages of this shop have won many medals at the international food quality competition of the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft). The restaurant also serves the delicious roasted pork and I can only highly recommend it (an English language brochure is available, too). There is a bus service from Seibu railway Sayamashi Station once the hour; however it is probably most convenient to go there by car.

Masato Kitamura

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