Fukiage site with Japan's longest water-pipe bridge (Photo: Chikako Takahashi)

Poppy and Flower Festival in Konosu

Enjoy the flower festival sites and 30 million poppies in 12.5 hectares

Fukiage site with Japan's longest water-pipe bridge (Photo: Chikako Takahashi)
Chikako Takahashi   - 3 min read

Konosu city in Saitama, 40 minutes far from Tokyo area by train, gives you a refreshing moment with seasonal joys in nature during the "Poppy and Flower Festival" held from May 11 to 19th!

The city, not only as a traditional doll-making area, but is also noted with the nickname of ‘town of flowers’ because flower cultivation has been one of the city’s biggest industries for more than 80 years.

The festival is held at three sites (Mamuro, Fukiage, Kawasato ) and open gardens. Each site has different event schedules, so check them out for your visit plan. On weekends during the festive week visitors will be entertained by varieties of flowers, gardens, related events, open stages and stalls of local foods in the fresh early-summer air and picturesque nature.

One of the sites, Kakyu-no-sato, is a very popular place among people who love music, traditional culture, flowers and local products. Its classic buildings built 170 years ago and also the garden attract visitors especially during the rose-seasons (in early summer and autumn), you will be amazed with varieties of roses and also well-considered gardening styles changing in each season. Additionally, you can buy flower seeds, newly graded flowers and plants because Kakyu-no-sato stands in the canter of one of the biggest flower cultivation areas in Konosu. Not only flowers, additionally you can enjoy choosing local foods and fresh vegetables to buy in the same shop. And if you want to experience the local food-culture, try a nice bowl of Udon noodles, crispy tempura or side dishes based on the area's recipes in the nostalgic atmosphere of the traditional restaurant building!

For transportation you can take free shuttle buses operated between the railway stations and the sites on weekends of the festival week. On weekdays, local buses called Flower-go can be helpful to reach each site.

I highly recommend you to stay in Mamuro or Fukiage site on riverbeds also around dusk, because you'll see the beautifully boundless landscape with the setting sun fascinates visitors and locals especially photo enthusiasts so much!

The blooming time of flowers may vary depending on the weather. You can check the bloom status on the Konosu City website.

Cultivation status of Japan's largest poppy field "Poppy Happy Square" - Flower Festival - Konosu City Official Homepage (Commerce and Tourism Division) (www-city-kounosu-saitama-jp.translate.goog)

Cultivation status of Fukiage poppy field (near Cosmos Arena) - Flower Festival - Konosu City Official Homepage (Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division) (www-city-kounosu-saitama-jp.translate.goog)

If you visit the Mamuro venue, why don't you visit the nearby Jōshōji Temple (常勝寺)? The temple's garden, which is lovingly tended by the temple's priest, offers a stunning early summer view.

The festival’s PDF brochure here.

15779.pdf (city.kounosu.saitama.jp)

Chikako Takahashi

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