View from second floor (Photo: Febry Fawzi)

Biggest shopping avenue in Hanyu

Explore and be entertained in Hanyu, Saitama

View from second floor (Photo: Febry Fawzi)
Febry Fawzi   - 3 min read

Sometimes in the middle of a tight traveling schedule, you may want to go somewhere to be entertained, to relax or to just stroll around and see where the locals go. Shopping is something not to be missed when you are traveling. After visiting a spa resort in Hanyu, I decided I needed to change pace by visiting the biggest shopping center in Hanyu, Aeon Mall (or "ÆON MALL" in the official script). Located about ten minutes by car from Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort, this shopping mall is also reachable by public bus from Hanyu Station. The bus runs three times every hour and costs 100 yen. It's a place where you can find happiness and great entertainment in the city of Hanyu.

After riding for about ten minutes, I finally arrived at this big shopping mall. I went inside and instantly felt welcome by the Christmas atmosphere. To one side, you can see a corridor of restaurants. The menu stands and sample replicas in front of each restaurant were so tempting. I kept searching for what would be best for lunch that day. I saw so many varieties of food, from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and even Western food. As a starting point, I stopped in at the ice cream stall to have a heavenly matcha ice cream.

The second floor is almost entirely dedicated to fashion stores and boutiques. It was interesting to observe the latest Japanese fashion trends and see how Japanese people select their fashion and keep up with the latest styles. It was very tempting to buy everythng I came across. With Japanese fashion at the cutting edge of new global styles, you can understand this temptation given there is always something to adore about Japanese fashion, right?

After visiting the shopping paradise on the second floor, you can find the amusement and entertainment sections on the third floor. There are hobbies sections, cinema, and a food court for you to try affordably priced Japanese fast food. Check the newest movies at the cinema and take a few hours to entertain yourself. After that, stroll around the food court to grab yourself dinner. They offer Western fast food, Italian style pizza and pastas, and not to mention the Japanese delightful dishes like ramen and takoyaki.

From the variety of delightful dishes to the brand new fashion items, this shopping mall is a very good choice for those seeking fun and entertainment. A great way to spend a day in Hanyu alongside the spa resorts!

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