Umeda Sky Building (Photo: Lily Taki)

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka

The landmark of Osaka

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Umeda Sky Building is located in the centre of Osaka City. At 173 metres in height, this skyscraper consists of two towers, the West Tower and the East Tower as well as the circular Floating Garden Observatory. With its unique design, the building has been a landmark feature in Osaka since 1993.

Ever since it was listed in the British publication, 'Top 20 Buildings around the World' scores of overseas tourists began visiting the building, helping it to become one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Osaka.

Visitors have the chance to experience a panoramic view of Osaka from the observatory. The view at nighttime is particularly beautiful. Naturally, there are many gourmet restaurants and souvenir shops within the building so food and shopping is certainly not a problem. There is a retro shopping and entertainment area on the basement floor of the building known as Takimi Koji which also offers excellent food, something to be expected in Osaka!

When I visited, there were many Tanabata decorations. Tanabata refers to the Star Festival and July 7th is its day of celebration in Japan. People write their wishes on a tanzaku, a piece of colourful rectangular piece of paper which is then tagged on bamboo.

There is a nature garden outside the building. The cherry blossoms can be seen there during the spring while in summer, fireflies are visible. Watching them will make any visitor forget that they are in the centre of Osaka City.

Osaka is an incredibly fascinating city with many places to visit. The city's food culture is world famous and a combined visit to the Dotonbori area is highly recommended. The city's huge Kaiyukan aquarium and the world famous Universal Studio Japan only add to the city's appeal.

So while Osaka City is filled with great sightseeing spots, they can all be combined with the city's landmark, the Umeda Sky Building.

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