The Tempozan Marketplace is home to a number shops and indoor theme parks and to the former largest Ferris wheel in the world. (Photo: Bryan Baier)

Shop, Save and Travel Easy in Osaka

Tourist friendly "Omotenashi" services and application

The Tempozan Marketplace is home to a number shops and indoor theme parks and to the former largest Ferris wheel in the world. (Photo: Bryan Baier)
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Traveling in a foreign country with high language barriers can be daunting. There are also numerous conveniences and promotions that are often missed out on due to a lack of understanding and knowledge. Luckily, Osaka is working hard to improve the availability of services to foreigners with their brand new Osaka Omotenashi Service.

What is Omotenashi? Omotenashi defines Japanese hospitality, and as the word literally means “to entertain guests wholeheartedly". This attitude extends across Japan and the tourist industry with the aim to exceed expectations, offer complete service offerings and placing an extraordinary attention to detail.

This concept of Omotenashi has been instilled in the Osaka Omotenashi Service and tourists can now download free applications designed to provide several modern conveniences. Below are three of the applications.

Information Service by Light ID

Need store and facility operating hours, product information and the latest info on sales and promotions? The Light ID app provides! Hold the app's built in scanner up to any digital signboard marked with the "Light ID" mark at Kansai International Airport or the Namba City and Tempozan Marketplace shopping malls and information about that store or facility's hours of operation, products, sales and services will be displayed on your mobile device. The Light ID app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Journey of Japan Coupon App

Want to travel, shop and save? The Journey of Japan Coupon app lets you have your cake, eat it and go back for seconds. The app has several digital coupons valid for discounts and freebies on goods and services at various electronics, souvenir, goods and fashion stores. The application is also widely available at shopping centers such as the Namba City at Nankai Namba Station, and the Tempozan Marketplace shopping mall. Just find the coupon you want to use and present it to the cashier when you check out. The app even has a map function to help you find your way to the business you want.

Palm Auth Pay App

The future is here and a brand new level of convenience is finally upon us: the Osaka Omotenashi Service's Palm Auth Pay app (miQip) allows visitors to pay for purchases with just the palm of their hand! All you need do is download the Palm Auth Pay app (only available for Android devices at the time of writing, an iOS version is on the way), sync it with a Visa or MasterCard credit card and then verify payment by scanning one's palm on the tablet screens at participating Tempozan Marketplace stores. The payment application also doubles as a translator facilitating smooth and easy communication between restaurant staff and patrons. Services are provided in 6 languages: Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai. A ¥1,000 cash back service is offered to all first-time Palm Auth Pay users.

Travel, play and save easy with the Osaka Omotenashi Service apps!

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