Would you like extra meat?  (Photo: Christie Petrakopoulou)

Menya Teru Ramen

Inexpensive, tasty ramen chain in Osaka

Would you like extra meat?  (Photo: Christie Petrakopoulou)
Christie Petrakopoulou   - 3 min read

Ramen: One of Japan’s most popular noodle soup dishes that almost every region in Japan has a different variation of. However there has been a debate whether ramen is healthy or not due to the existence of MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in its seasoning. Menya Teru in Osaka, serves its clients delicious ramen without any chemical seasoning.

Founded in 2000, in Awaji in Higashiyodogawa, one of Osaka’s 24 wards, Menya Teru is a ramen chain with restaurants around Osaka and even one in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital. The photos in this article were taken at Menya Teru in Kita ward of Osaka.

I ordered the chashu ramen, a standard variation of ramen with roasted pork and it was really good! My satisfying portion included delicious thick broth, tender slices of pork, a creamy boiled egg, fresh vegetables and thick ramen noodles. Yummy! Menya Teru also serves tsukemen, a ramen dish in which the noodles are separated from a thicker than usual broth, almost like a sauce.

The restaurant is small with only 13 seats. The service is quick and the staff very polite, young and social, as they like to interact with the customers. The main waiter as well as the people working in the kitchen are very talkative and their goal is to serve you in the best and friendliest way possible.

"I really like the food at Menya Teru. The branch in Kita-ku is near my office, the food is good, and most importantly, it is cheap!"

Hiro, a customer

Prices vary from ¥680 to ¥980 which automatically makes it a cheap food paradise for young people. It is open from 11 am until 10 pm.

Menya Teru can be accessed from both Nakatsu Station and UmedaStation. More specifically, it is only 2 minutes away from Nakatsu Station (Exit 4) served by the Midosuri Line and 10 minutes away from Umeda Station served by the Hankyu Railway, which operates three lines connecting Osaka with Kobe, Kyoto and Takarazuka. It is also served by the Hanshin Electric Railway that again links Osaka with Kobe, and last but not least the Osaka Municipal Subway. Its main line, the Midosuji Line mentioned above, is the oldest subway line in Osaka.

Good food. Cheap. Lovely environment. As simple as that! You should pass by if you’re in Osaka and you’re craving ramen.

Christie Petrakopoulou

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