Ring the bell at Gion-ji Temple surely no-one can hear for miles around (Photo: Chris Cooper)

Ukan in Takahashi City, Okayama

A hidden treasure on the outskirts of Takahashi City

Chris Cooper   - 1 min read

I teach at schools in the Ukan area and I must admit before moving to Takahashi from neighboring Niimi, I knew nothing about the place. I was pleasantly surprised when I headed out for a drive to get accustomed to the area. I found what felt like a secret temple called Gion-ji, which is technically in Kose, but nearby. The views from the top of paragliding spot, Mt.Ohira were fantastic and the stone windmills are definitely worth a little look.

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper @chris.cooper

I moved to Japan in 2010 to become an English teacher. I came with little knowledge or preconceptions about Japan and thought I would just see what it was like. I found out I love it here, the job, the people, the culture, the life, I want to spread the word about what a great country Japan is to...