A very wide and spacious room for 3 people (Photo: Jaime Wong)

Guest House Cabosu Beppu Hamayu

Great guest house for an even greater price!

A very wide and spacious room for 3 people (Photo: Jaime Wong)
Jaime Wong   - 2 min read

Located an extremely convenient 5 minutes walk from Beppu Station, Guest House Cabosu Beppu Hamayu is the perfect place for any traveller to stay. Spacious rooms, hostel onsen, and cheap prices make this guest house one of the best accommodations you could ask for.

First of all, what I liked most about the guest house was its super close location to Beppu Station. When you’re lugging around a heavy suitcase the last thing you want is a long walk to your accommodation. The hostel is 5-6 minutes walk from the station, and note that the reception desk area is in a different building from the actual guest house. Look for green colored signs saying “Cabosu House Beppu” pointing you in the right direction. The helpful staff (who speak English!) will also guide you to the guest house, and give you clear instructions on entering and house rules.

The other most attractive feature of Cabosu is the cheap price! It costs ¥1800 for one night in a male or female dormitory room. The room is one bunk bed and one normal bed, with a maximum of three people in a room. This gives you a very spacious room with plenty of space to store your luggage, and the room also has lockers for you to store your valuables. They provide you with towels, clean sheets, and the onsen has shampoo and body wash.

The onsen was a fantastic feature. On the nights where I was too tired to go out and walk to other onsen, I could just go downstairs and still enjoy a piping hot bath. The other feature that I really liked was how there was a toilet in each dormitory room, so you didn't need to go to any different floor if you wished to use the bathroom during the night.

The room was tatami flooring making it nice and comfortable to sit on, and there was a heater as well to keep the room warm. There were computers on the first floor free for guests to use, as well as a manga room where you could read and relax. The kitchen was very spacious, with a large dining table. Overall, Guest House Cabosu Beppu Hamayu was a fantastic place to stay for the cheap price and nice facilities.

Jaime Wong

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