Hot spring for your hands (Photo: Haruka Saijo)

Beppu Station

A place that connects you and the hot springs of Beppu

Hot spring for your hands (Photo: Haruka Saijo)
Haruka Saijo   - 3 min read

Beppu in Oita Prefecture is a nationally-renown hot spring resort in Japan. It has the most hot spring sources in the whole country and has been loved by women and men of all ages for a long time. Obviously, JR Beppu Station is the main transportation spot in the city, with numerous of buses and train lines gathered up in one area.

With the average of over 5000 users per day, Beppu Station is the second largest station in the prefecture, after Oita Station. The depot is on the JR Nippo Main Line, which includes not only local trains but also express lines to Hakata and Oita, allowing the visitors fast and easy access to wherever they are heading. The buses here are very convenient too, with three operators—the Kamenoi, Oita-Kotsu, and Kyushu Sanko bus companies—waiting to carry their passengers around different parts of the town of hot springs. Information about buses and trains is very clearly written, so although I am usually very bad at searching for the right bus to ride on, I had an easy time finding my way here.

The station is surrounded by abundant onsens (hot springs), restaurants, and inns that taken together produce a historic hot spring resort atmosphere. They even have an onsen monument right in front of the station. Below the sign with 手湯 (onsen for hands), thermal spring water flows out constantly from locally quarried stone. You can enjoy warming your hands here and take a rest, especially during the night when the monument is lit up.

A small shopping mall called the B-Passage opened inside the station in 2005 containing a nail salon, some souvenir shops, restaurants, and more, making the building cleaner and more convenient. The station also has a tourist information desk, so for insight into visiting the city it’s always useful to stop by and ask.

Beppu Station is a station filled with wonder that will get you excited about visiting the city of Beppu. You will see many travelers wandering around with their big suitcases, all looking forward to new discoveries in this land full of hot springs. Once you arrive, go to the information desk, look for some cool souvenirs, go warm your hands at the onsen monument, and you’re all set to go on the hot spring journey!

Haruka Saijo

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