A torii found between the monasteries on Mount Koya (Photo: Kevin Haase)


Japan's Gates to Another World

Kevin Haase   - 1 min read

A fascinating and picturesque part of Japanese culture, Torii, like the church towers of Europe or the minarets in the Middle East, can be found all over the country to indicate a sacred place of worship.

Given Shinto's deep bonds with nature, torii are often situated in places of spiritual beauty like forests or the seaside. As you journey through Japan, you can see gates of various sizes, some even towering over streets large enough to let busses pass underneath.

Some shrines like the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha even offer sponsorships for their torii, taken up for good fortune by companies and people who can afford the hundred thousands of Yen depending on the size of the gate, should you ever wonder what the decorative kanji writing at the back of the torii mean.

Getting there

All torii in these pitures can be found on the main Island of Honshu.

Kevin Haase

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