Raspberry and chocolate muffin (Photo: Laura Welch)

Daily's Muffin

A small store with lots of muffins!

Raspberry and chocolate muffin (Photo: Laura Welch)
Laura Welch   - 3 min read

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite muffins in Sendai are from 82_no_28 (wani no niwa). Sadly, 82_no_28 isn't very centrally located, and isn't too easy to reach without a car. So when I heard about Daily's Muffin, I thought I'd broaden my baked goods horizons.

Daily's Muffin is definitely more central, located a surprisingly short walk east from City Hall. Just exit Kotodaikoen Subway Station at North 2, take the first right, and keep walking a few blocks until you see it on your left. Keep your eyes peeled, though, as it isn't the most obvious place.

It's a small shop, but it has a large variety of muffins, plus a few other things like cookies. There's even a cafe area where you can sit and have a drink with your snack. The muffins (which cost around ¥290) come in both sweet and savory options, and the range is great. Some of my favorites are the Japanese flavors, with kinako (roasted soybean) bases, anko (bean jam) or green tea. The flavors change regularly, and include seasonal fruit.

That said, I would say, personally, that there is slightly less ingredient integrity than at 82_no_28. You won't see organic fruit, and margarine is used instead of butter. The latter does give the muffins a soft yet crumbly texture, though, and you can't deny that the muffins look delicious. Even the packaging looks good. The paper bag is sealed with a tiny clothes peg over a colored square of cloth. Sadly, there are plastic bags both inside and outside the paper bag, and although three layers of packaging isn't that unusual for Japan, it's environmentally worrying.

Daily's Muffin has been in Sendai for several years; last year they opened a store in Tokyo. Both are popular stores, and can be sold out by lunchtime. If you or a friend speaks Japanese, you can phone to reserve; their website has a menu of the week's flavors.

If you like the muffins, you have other purchasing options, too. You might find them in department stores or the food basement below Sendai Station (the shop often closes at these times). Online ordering is also available for delivery to anywhere in Japan. Or you can buy a recipe book (in Japanese) and try recreating them at home.

Laura Welch

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