Grilling oysters outside Shiogama Fish Market (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Shiogama Fish Market

Fresh seafood at wholesale prices

Tom Roseveare   - 1 min read

Shiogama Fish Market is an economic symbol of this small port city. Covering hundreds of metres of floor space, it is well worth making a trip to Shiogama to sample their fresh seafood and fish at low, wholesale prices. There are over 140 stalls operating, and while a wholesale market, it is open to members of the public at no cost. They open from the early hours up until 2pm each day (closed Wednesdays).

Inside, a number of shops are also set up to directly serve customers fresh seafood, or instead miso soup/rice sets to enjoy alongside the fresh fish you may have purchased directly from a nearby wholesaler. Outside, they will even grill your oysters, scallops and other shellfish for you. Who can say no to grilled Matsushima oysters?

Tom Roseveare

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