Nature in Naruko (Photo: Elena Lisina)

A Trip to Naruko

Beautiful views and kokeshi dolls

Elena Lisina   - 2 min read

The views of Naruko Gorge are one of the most famous in autumn with its mountains covered in colourful woods. I had hoped to see those wonderful views, but my visit in October turned out to be a little early and the trees had just started to change colours. Too bad for me! I chose Route 47 but later found it stretched along the highway and wasn’t a hiking trail at all. Anyway, the views around were grand nonetheless - mountains, woods, a rapid river with stony shores and blue sky! I followed the route to Japan Kokeshi Museum located in the park with some beautiful autumn colors. I could see the rocks of Naruko Gorge, however there was no access to get closer.

Japan Kokeshi Museum is interesting with demonstrations of a master’s work, painting classes for kids and a souvenir shop where I picked up some nice small kokeshi with sakura painting.

Missing the bus I decided to return to Naruko Station and was kindly offered a ride by a group of ladies in a car as the next bus was another 90 minutes away. When visiting Naruko Gorge I’d suggest travelling by car at the beginning of November as public transport is infrequent and the hiking trail is along the highway.

Getting there

From Sendai Station take the JR Tohoku Line to Kogota Station, then change to the JR Rikuu Line to Naruko Onsen. The whole trip takes 2.5 hours and a one-way ticket is 1665 JPY.

Elena Lisina

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