A message of hope from just the sight of this lovely cherry blossom! (Photo: Ann Yamagishi)

Spring at Miyagawa-Tsutsumi Park

The most awaited parade of cherry blossoms

Ann Yamagishi   - 2 min read

Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park is Mie's most impressive sakura park that runs near Central Ise – this park is famous for hanami viewing and an annual spring festival is held here as cherry blossom trees bloom across the whole central park.

The park runs on beyond Watarai Bridge including the northern and southern areas. Every year, people from several countries gather here to celebrate with dance, food and music – which makes it a very lively day all the more. 

With over 1000 cherry blossom trees, it is bar none Mie's most impressive sakura display in terms of number of trees and the park is one of only two places in Mie (the other is Mitake) to make the official "100 Top Sakura Spots in Japan" book. Lots of people come for the cherry blossoms and for the foods served from countless food stalls in the northern area. You may want to come early to avoid the serious competition of "spots". I  remember the other year we were pushing ourselves against the flood of people who witnessed the hanami. Hanami viewing only lasts a week and can be shortened if rain falls following the full bloom. Although the beauty of cherry blossom can be mesmerizing, do not forget to dress warmly, and those who have allergies should wear masks to prevent yourself from sneezing every now and then. 

Located on the Ise-side of Miyagawa, it is located right beside the Watarai Bridge. The blossoms can be found both on the north and south of the bridge.

By car, go along Route 37 in western Ise, between Obata and downtown Ise. By train, the closest train station is Yamada Kamiguchi​ Station on the JR Sangu Line however Miyamachi Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line is not too much further.

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