Kohno Taxi (Photo: Kohno Taxi)

Kyoto Private Taxi Sightseeing Tour

Kohno Jumbo Taxi caters to you

Kohno Taxi (Photo: Kohno Taxi)
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Kohno Jumbo Taxi provides a very useful English-speaking driver service for trips in and around Kyoto, as well as Nara, Kobe, Osaka and Shiga. He caters to both first-time visitors and regular customers who have fallen in love with the famed former capital of Japan and its environs.

More than just a taxi service, Kohno Jumbo Taxi arranges flexible itineraries and knowledgeable guides for your exploration of the area’s best Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, Zen gardens, majestic scenery, festivals, events, shopping and meals. Customized courses cater to special interests in such areas as architecture, infrastructure, religion, art, cuisine, shopping and more. He also has services available for conventions, receptions, business meetings and golf, as well as the ability to accommodate the special needs of officials or VIPs.

Kohno Jumbo Taxi is well-suited to foreign guests, with ample space for both luggage and legs. The interior of the Kohno Jumbo Taxi is reminiscent of a luxury private jet, with a unique seating system that allows for creative configurations. Boasting spacious interiors for up to 9 people, custom-made leather seats, and an efficient climate-control system that keeps you comfortable year-round, there are no other taxis like this in the entire country.

Additionally, Kohno Jumbo Taxi features an electric step for easy entry/exit and 4-wheel drive for a fast, reliable ride in any conditions. Typical “extras” you will find include on-board Wi-Fi, refrigerator, mineral water and summer hand/face towels. Whether you are being picked up from the airport or spending the day touring temples, your comfort is ensured.

Kohno Jumbo Taxi is staffed by a personable local who loves to show off Japan’s most elegant city. He has more than 10 years of experience and 200 different tours. He is proud of his reputation for being a courteous driver who provides prompt service, and he has a perfect record with no reports of accidents, violations or complaints.

Surprisingly, Kohno Jumbo Taxi prices are lower than other jumbo taxi services. Please refer to their official website for pricing information.

Kohno Jumbo Taxi represents the sightseeing taxi group, N-Quest. N-Quest oversees a fleet of sedans, minivans and jumbo taxis that can also assist you in the event of reservation overlaps or extra large groups.

For inquiries in English, please contact Kohno Jumbo Taxi:

Email masa@n-quest.com


Web: http://www.n-quest.com/e/index.html (in English).

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