The famous 'Stage of Kiyomizu'; I feel weak in my knees every time I stand here (Photo: Masayoshi Hirose)

Kyoto Higashiyama Lantern Street

Illuminated Kiyomizu Temple at night

Takako Sakamoto   - 2 min read

I don't clearly remember when it started, but this 'Kyoto Flower Lantern Street Festival (Kyoto-no Hanatoro)' has been annually held as long as I can recollect.

In December each year, the 'Arashiyama Flower Lantern Street Festival' is held. When the new year comes and plum blossoms start to bloom in March, the 'Higashiyama Flower Lantern Street Festival' is also held. Countless numbers of lanterns are placed alongside popular streets in Kyoto, and the sight of it reminds you of the mysterious view of 'Shoro Nagashi (Spirit Boat Procession)' in summer. In each area, there are also exhibitions of 'Kado (Japanese Flower Arrangement)' by a number of renowned schools.

The main purpose of my visit to this festival is to see the gorgeous views of famous temples illuminated at night. This photo story features the mysterious views of the illuminated Kiyomizu Temple looming in the dark.

Kyoto Flower Lantern Street Festival 1. Kyoto Arashiyama Lantern Street 2. Kyoto Higashiyama Lantern Street

Getting there

The bulk of the lights are around Entoku-in Temple and cover many streets between Gion-Shijo Station.

More info

Find out more about Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

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