Dusk at a park near Kiyomizu-dera (Photo: Sonakshi Pandey)

Kyoto Diaries

The sights and sounds of Kyoto

Sonakshi Pandey   - 1 min read

Kyoto is a city that retains much of the essence of what Japan was centuries ago, a city progressing into modernity while retaining its past. It's known for its hundreds of varied shrines and temples, and its colorful and serene gardens and parks.

Even though there hangs an air of old Japan throughout the city, it's extremely lively and wonderful, with an amazing number of places for shopping, wining and fine dining. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the colors of Kyoto change vividly with the seasons, bringing the new green in the months of spring to the autumn foliage in November. A lovely city with lovely people, my memories of Kyoto simply refuse to fade away, even though six long months have passed by since my time over there!

Sonakshi Pandey

Sonakshi Pandey @sonakshi.pandey