Another purification font at Kiyomizudera (Photo: Larry Knipfing)

Delights of Kiyomizudera Temple 1

Kyoto temple one of Japan's most famous and beautiful

Larry Knipfing   - 1 min read

There are a lot of articles and photo stories here at JapanTravel focusing on Kiyomizudera, and with good reason: It is one of the most famous and beautiful temples in Japan. I visited the temple in early April and was fascinated by it too. Here then, is a collection of the images that I collected while I was there. There is, of course, the great platform, hanging off the side of a hill, that is so dramatic. And then the views that you can see FROM that platform as well. But besides this, there are so many little little details that delight...if you can find them. So keep your eyes open and have fun in your search for the beauty of Kiyomizudera.

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