View from Royal Zone in Aso Farm Land (Photo: そらみみ / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Aso Farm Land and Its Surroundings

Nature and Wellness for the whole family

View from Royal Zone in Aso Farm Land (Photo: そらみみ / CC BY-SA 4.0)
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It is said that the ancient name of Kumamoto Prefecture has something to do with fire, and the Japanese Ministry of Environment seems to confirm this hypothesis. In fact, the topographic maps representing the territory of Aso are dotted with a myriad of ancient volcanoes, some very large and some very small. Today almost all are completely inactive but the landscape, of which I am about to describe, merits a unique and delightful aspect for lovers of well-being and beauty. But topographic maps are not the only sources from which it is possible to derive these hypotheses, it is enough to raise your eyes from the table and look around to see the numerous thermal springs such as the most famous ones of Sujiyu and Nagayu, the volcanic cone of Komezuka and the recent geothermal power plants of Odake and Hatchobara.

In this fiery landscape stands Aso Farm Land, a wellness-themed family amusement park located in the Aso-Kuju National Park. This slice of paradise in the deep south of Japan offers many facilities and activities that help you recover from strenuous city life and breathe new life into your health. The Health Pavilion allows you to know your health status by controlling and monitoring your physical and motor functions. In Genki no Mori you can enjoy exercises in close contact with the wild nature typical of this area. For children from 0 up to preschool age, the hotel offers exciting adventure-themed equipment and games, always under the close supervision of expert staff. But this innovative hotel structure, in addition to the vast area dedicated to health rehabilitation, offers the opportunity to meet about 35 species of animals in the Fureai Dobutsu Okoku. A space that always manages to make guests feel at home and to do this provides the best in terms of service and comfort. This structure offers its customers equipment and services capable of satisfying even the most demanding guest. Having flat screen televisions, carpeting, coat hangers, lockers and slippers available in some of the rooms makes you feel at ease after a stressful day at work or after a long walk around town. When you choose Aso Farm Land, you are sure to count on an unrivalled service in an excellent location. The dome-shaped hotel includes a karaoke room, a restaurant and a cafe. Guests will be happy to know that there are also indoor and outdoor rock baths.

Located in the Minamiaso area, Aso Farm Land is the ideal starting point for exploring the city of Kumamoto. In fact, this structure welcomes, every year, many guests from all over the world who come here to take advantage of its strategic position as well as its comforts. The property is in an area considered to be among the best in the city, and is great if you don't want to miss the main attractions, which include:

The Aso Volcanological Museum (Aso-kazan Hakubutsukan) - near Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan

The Kusa-Senrigahama Prairie - Wonderful location overlooking the steaming mountain Nakadake, a place praised by numerous poets for its countless idyllic beauties

The Aso Osaru-no-sato Monkey Showman Theater - Fantastic entertainment theme park where monkeys show their skills

Minamiaso Onsenkyo Hot Springs - A group of onsen (hot springs) such as Tochinoki, Tarutama, Jigoku, Oasohinoyama and Hakusui. Each onsen has its own characteristic and history

Kusasenrigahara - Vast grass field that stretches for about one kilometer, one of the main scenic views in Aso where you can try to ride a horse led by a rope in the verdant plain

Komezuka - Volcanic cone about 50 meters high covered with a thin layer of grass. It is very impressive especially during spring and summer.

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