Look in the mirror and your face will positively glow! (Photo: Meg Sing)

Sakuda's Golden Bathroom

A most lavatorious experience with Kanazawa's gold leaf

Meg Sing   - 1 min read

There is more than one reason to visit the Sakuda's gold leaf store in Higashichaya-gai, Kanazawa. Besides interactive demonstrations of the making of gold leaf, hands-on workshops or the array of leafed-up, shiny items displayed around the shop floor, I recommend making a pit-stop at their glittering bathrooms!

Sakuda has two immaculate restrooms, each one covered in gold and platinum respectively, to ensure their customers have less pressing problems than bladder issues to think about when perusing the gold leaf store (namely calculating the remaining limit on the credit card). What are you waiting for? Go for the novelty! Or go because you really do need the bathroom!

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