Burning skies over Hakodate Bay (Photo: Anne Lauenroth)

Sunset over Hakodate

Burning skies and the famous Mount Hakodate night views

Anne Lauenroth   - 1 min read

Accessible by Shinkansen since March 2016, Hakodate is the gateway into Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. While Hakodate offers many sights, it is famous for the night views from Mount Hakodate (334 m), earning the city a spot among Japan’s three most beautiful night views. In a three-minute ride, Mount Hakodate Ropeway links the Motomachi district to the mountaintop. Enjoying the night views is a popular pastime, so taking an early ropeway to secure a spot is advised. Once the sun has set, the mountaintop gets chilly quickly (even in summer), so bring a sweater - especially since you will likely have to wait in line at the ropeway station on your way down.

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