Playing an important part in preserving the nation's cultural heritage, Japan's Important Cultural Property designation includes a number of different categories. One of these categories is the Archaeological Materials listing. Here is a simple guide to where in Tokyo Archaeological Materials designated as an Important Cultural Property can be found.

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum in Koganei City holds a dosei mimikazari, an intricately designed clay earring dating back some 2500 years and which was designated as an Important Cultural Property in 1979.

Location: 3-7-1 Sakuracho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 〒184-0005 (nearest station: Musashi-Koganei Station, JR Chuo Line)

Ome City Local History Museum

In Ome City, west of central Tokyo, lies Ome City Local History Museum which holds numerous Jomon period examples of pottery with unique patterns, designs and colour. The items in the collection were listed as an Important Cultural Property in 1993.

Location: 1-684 Komakicho, Ome-shi, Tokyo 〒198-0053 (nearest station: Ome Station, JR Ome Line)

Meiji University Museum

Meiji University Museum in Tokyo's Chiyoda City Ward holds a number of separate Important Cultural Properties from various finds. These include Jomon period conical shaped pottery, stone axe, fishhooks and bone objects finds from Kanagawa, Paleolithic period stone tools from Saitama and Yayoi period grave artefacts from Tochigi. The finds were awarded Important Cultural Property status in 1998, 1993 and 1982, respectively.

Location: 1-1 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒101-8301 (nearest station: Ochanomizu Station, JR Sobu Line)

Setagaya Local History Museum

The Setagaya Local History Museum in Setagaya City Ward is home to a vast wealth of items discovered in a series of 5th-century Kofun period burial mounds including weapons, armour, mirrors, and glass jewellery. The items were listed as an Important Cultural Property in 2016.

Location: 1-29-18, Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 〒154-0017 (nearest station: Kamimachi Station, Tokyu Setagaya Line)