Stained glass advertising Fukuoka Bank (Photo: Haruka Saijo)

Tenjin Chikagai in Fukuoka City

The southern European style underground mall

Haruka Saijo   - 1 min read

The Tenjin area is the main spot for shopping, entertainment, and all the fun stuff in Fukuoka City. However, Tenjin Chikagai, a southern European style shopping mall in the heart of the city underneath Watanabe-dori, is a place you're sure to spend some time. Near Ark Hotel Royal and connected to Tenjin Station, Tenjin-minami Station, Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station and other major shopping centers like Shintencho, Vivre, Core, and the IMS Building, this mall is the place where everyone flocks to fulfill their individual duty. Tired of walking under the harsh weather outside? Take one step into this underground Eden, and you won’t be able to come out anymore.

Haruka Saijo

Haruka Saijo @haruka.saijo

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