Cute fish decorations inside the shopping street. (Photo: Michelle Madden)

Shitencho in Tenjin

A typical Japanese shōtengai

Anonymous   - 1 min read

Shitencho is your typical Japanese shōtengai. A shōtengai is a shopping street which is usually covered overhead and sometimes blocked off to the traffic. Walking around Tenjin I found Shitencho right out the west exit of Tenjin Station. Most of these shops cater to an older crowd, however there are some good places to shop for souvenirs. I also found the most expensive umbrella shop I have ever come across in my life. Though the umbrellas were beautifully crafted, I would never pay more than 20 US dollars for one. The prices here easily went up to over 100 US dollars. If you are ever in the area go and take a look.


Anonymous @michelle.madden__archived