The old school coffee grinder (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)

Café des Voeux [Closed]

Authentic French café in Akasaka

The old school coffee grinder (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)
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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Nov 18, 2020

Café des Voeux is a slice of authentic French dining in downtown Fukuoka. The café is owned by young Frenchman Nicolas, he is serving up real French food and drinks to satisfy the Japanese craving for the romantic culture.

The small café is located in trendy Akasaka, an area bursting with hip bars, and cosy dining spaces near Tenjin. The café opened on July 7, 2013 so it’s still fairly new. Café des Voeux is already becoming popular with the locals. Nicolas hosts regular English classes at the café where customers can sit back with a cup of coffee and learn some new lingo. The bar offers a variety of drinks from espresso to wine, and a great food menu all with an authentic French feel. The lunch set changes daily, so I’d recommend trying that for fresh seasonal dishes.

The café has a casual feel, not quite as relaxed as a real French café … phew… But still it’s easy to kick back and gossip over a well-made drink. The sound system plays smooth French music, from classics you may have heard before to modern acoustic artists. It’s a real treat for a French music novice. The café is decked out with warm wood and French style décor for a trendy yet comfortable style. Café des Voeux runs fluently in Japanese and English. Additionally, the chef speaks Swedish and of course the owner Nicolas speaks French. So whichever language you desire practising, this is a great place to chatter.

As a European I have been missing true coffee and tea, and if you too are having a craving for something a little more enticing than a Starbucks iced coffee, this place is perfect. You can watch Nicolas grind your coffee beans at the bar, in an old-school manual grinder. Or you can select the type of tea you want and how long you want it brewed for (if you’re as picky as me)! They even stock syrups if you fancy a hazelnut latte! This place is one of the best to get an authentic espresso, just make sure to tell Nicolas if you want it European style, as the Japanese prefer their espresso a little weaker. If you would prefer something alcoholic to go with your lunch there is a wide selection of wine, spirits and liqueurs to choose from. The café is open 10 am to 7 pm and I think it’s a great local place to hit up for lunch, so bon appétit!

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