Starbucks Japan Embraces Sakura Season

Two new drinks plus fun AR activities to enjoy

Kim   - 3 min read

There is one sure sign that spring is in the air in Japan – a variety of sakura-inspired goodies start popping up at sipermarkets, convenience stores, and cafes across the country. If you're a Starbucks fan, there are a couple of new drink releases coming out this month to get you in the springtime spirit in a delicious way!

For the cold drink lovers, the Hanami Dango Frappuccino® looks like a must-try. Inspired by the popular tri-color mochi treats that are popular at this time of year, the frap comes in tall size only and is priced at 678 JPY in-store or 690 JPY to-go. It contains a hanami white bean paste sauce, sakura sauce, and strawberry sauce blended with soy milk, and comes topped with mini tri-color dango! 🍡

*Please note that whilst the frappuccino is made with soy milk, it still contains milk ingredients, so do keep that in mind if you're vegan or have dairy allergies.

If you prefer hot drinks the Hanami Sakura cream might be more to your liking. It comes in the full range of sizes, with prices ranging from 540 JPY for a short-size to-go, up to 680 JPY for a venti in-store. It comprises of steamed milk, "Spring Blossoming" flavor syrup, and caramel syrup, and comes topped with crispy sakura feuilletine for an aesthetically pleasing seasonal beverage.

Naturally, you'll probably want to take a special snap of your photogenic drink, and Starbucks have you covered there, too. Scan the QR code printed on your receipt (no app downloading required!) and you can enjoy some unique VR experiences like a fully-bloomed sakura tree!

Photo: Starbucks Japan

The sales period for the sakura-themed drinks is scheduled for February 15, 2024 (Thursday) to March 12, 2024 (Tuesday), but keep in mind that these seasonal beverages are sold while stocks last – they may be discontinued early if supplies run out, so be sure to get in early if they're a must-try for you. Happy drinking, and enjoy the spring season!

Getting there

To find your nearest Starbucks Japan branch, check the store locator on their website here.


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