The interior of the Grand Executive Floor is designed to match the nature outside (Photo: Maren Pauli)

The Highland Resort Hotel & Spa

Relax at Mount Fuji

The interior of the Grand Executive Floor is designed to match the nature outside (Photo: Maren Pauli)
Maren Pauli   - 2 min read

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of Japan? Tokyo, sushi, and probably the majestic Mount Fuji. Only two hours from metropolitan Tokyo you will find the perfect spot for a relaxing and fun weekend or even a short vacation. Mount Fuji and its surrounding area, including five picturesque lakes, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. Here you’ll find great nature and various activities ranging from fun and exciting to relaxing beyond belief.

For a luxurious stay and to make your trip memorable, you should stay at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. The hotel is close to Fuji-Q Highland Park and your best choice if you stay in that area. What is not easy, though, is the choice of the room. The hotel offers rooms with a view of Mount Fuji, and from the rooms located on the other side of the building, you can see Fuji-Q Highland! Both are amazing. While Mount Fuji provides a relaxing atmosphere, it's exciting and interesting to watch the roller coasters run in the amusement park. So choose for yourself!

Room rates are range from ¥15,000 to ¥110,000 per night. The Grand Executive Floor is ¥130,000 to ¥180,000 and has amazing views as well as an interior designed in colors to match the atmosphere of Mount Fuji.

On the top floor of the hotel is a new attraction, Fujiyama Sky Balcony. About 50 m above the ground you can walk on the balcony for ¥1000 per person and enjoy the view of Mount Fuji without a glass window. For safety reasons you will wear a climbing harness and are hooked into a steel rope. The balcony opened in October 2015 and there is a photo service, so you can get your picture with Mount Fuji in the background. If you take the photo and crop off your legs and the steel rope fence, it even looks like you climbed a smaller mountain and are watching Mount Fuji from there!

Getting there

You can get to the hotel and Fuji-Q Highland with the Fujikyuko Line. From Shinjuku you have to transfer at Otsuki, and it takes altogether about two hours.

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