The amount of billboards on one of the most popular avenues of Shinjuku is an impressive (Photo: Andrea Hinojosa)

Shinjuku: the world of neon

Turning night into day

Elizaveta Krupina   - 1 min read

Shinjuku is not only the major administrative and business center of Tokyo, but it's also a visual light show. It is possible to find the busiest station in the world and the Tokyo Government's residence just moments from each other.

During night time Shinjuku is like the real show of lights and sounds, with streets lit up with an impressive number of neon billboards. This sight that takes your breath away is one of the most beautiful night tourist attractions of Tokyo. An evening stroll here is a must for all visitors. 

Elizaveta Krupina

Elizaveta Krupina @elizaveta.krupina

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