The Hozomon Gate with the Five Story Pagoda in the background make for a beautiful scene and welcome visitors to the temple grounds (Photo: Leslie Taylor)

Sensoji in a Photo Summary

A photographic glimpse of Japan's oldest temple

Leslie Taylor   - 1 min read

The Sensoji Temple located in Tokyo's Asakusa district is not only Tokyo's oldest temple, but is also one of its best. Between the history and culture, it's easy to see why it is visited by so many each year. Of course, there's much more than the temple to see if you visit. Nakamise Dori, the road which leads to the temple, is filled with shops selling all kinds of wonderful Japanese items. Side streets which connect to the road have many of their own shops and restaurants as well. And in the right areas around the temple visitors can view Tokyo's newest and largest structure, the Tokyo Skytree. If you're in Japan, don't miss the chance to explore around this unique cultural landmark.

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