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Ochanomizu Hotel – Shoryukan

A comfortable stay in Tokyo

Photo: Mark Oxley Photography
Serena Ogawa   - 7 min read

With its sepia-colored exterior and warm wooden interior, Ochanomizu Hotel – Shoryukan is a comforting space where travelers can relax while they stay in Tokyo. The smiling and polite staff is always on hand to be of service; and the in-house features, such as the public bath, offer quiet peace after a busy day of sightseeing.

And being only 15 minutes or more by foot from a host of popular sights and spots to visit, you’ll definitely be happy to have a nearby slice of home to return to.


Located in Kanda Ochanomizu, Shoryukan was constructed at the beginning of the Showa period (1926-1989). What began as a simple Japanese-style inn (ryokan) with only three rooms has since expanded to become a beautiful staple for any guest in the area.

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After the humble start of Shoryukan came Japan’s rapid economic growth period and the inn was transformed into a 40-room hotel. Now under its third-generation ownership and thanks to a complete remodeling in 2009, the hotel has progressed even further and is based around the concept of omotenashi or Japanese hospitality. This traditional hotel offers all the modern comforts that visitors expect.

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Guest Rooms

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Japanese futon room or prefer a Western-style bed, Shoryukan will be able to meet all of your preferences for comfort.

Stay in a tatami mat room and enjoy to scent and feel of traditional woven tatami mats. For an extra taste of luxury, try out one of the rooms with a private open-air bath (rotemburo) and let your stress melt away in the hot water.

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If you’re traveling for business, never fear! There are even rooms equipped with a multi-function printer for any faxing or scanning needs. The spa room offers a serene experience to anyone needing a little extra care for their tired muscles while the twin rooms can fit a family expedition.

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Each room comes with all of the basic amenities. Look forward to an LCD TV, refrigerator, electric kettle and tea set, hair dryer, and more; in addition to these typical comforts, Shoryukan also provides room yukata and slippers.

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Hotel facilities

Stretch your legs in the hotel’s large public bath. Bring your room towel with you and soak for a while—there’s also a sauna on the men’s side. Why not try this comforting facet of Japanese relaxation? After you’ve finished your bath, head over to the rest area to enjoy the free massage chairs while you indulge in some Japanese comics or a nice cold drink. It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate your energy after a hot bath!

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Highlights from the owner

Whether you’re staying for two nights or two weeks, Shoryukan will become your home away from home. The owner, Daisuke Kobayashi, is certain that guests will enjoy their time at Ochanomizu Hotel – Shoryukan.

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With many visitors choosing to visit Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, or the surrounding nightlife, this hotel offers them a convenient place where they can return after a day out and about.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop when you return to the hotel. Overcome any potential shyness and hop into the large public bath before plopping down in a massage chair and then returning to your Japanese- or Western-style room and relaxing in comfort. The hotel is especially popular for single travelers and their Japanese-style rooms tend to be more popular than the Western rooms.

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During the day, explore the area and try some of the local favorites, including Japanese curry or visit Yabusoba or Matsuya. The staff can recommend a place to eat according to your tastes.

Stamp Rally

Ochanomizu Hotel – Shoryukan is currently conducting a stamp rally campaign. Guests can obtain a stamp booklet (tenugui) and collect stamps from other eligible inns. After gathering six stamps on your card (tenugui), show this to the hotel concierge for a free gift. The stamp rally and gifts vary by hotel and season and may not always be available.

Getting there

A 6-minute walk from Ochanomizu Station.

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