Photo: Julian Kloby

NAKED Sakura Night Garden

A night of wonder at Shinjuku Gyoen

Photo: Julian Kloby
Julian Kloby   - 3 min read

In collaboration with Toyota, NAKED presents a spectacular hanami (a picnic-style event taking place in spring, typically under a sakura tree) in one of Tokyo’s largest and most scenic parks. Springtime in Japan is a season that many look forward to. It’s a time of beautiful scenery, delicious food, warm weather, and good company. During this precious time of year, NAKED stuck to these ideals while giving us a special event that can only be enjoyed at night.

Starting at 7:00 pm, the park’s beautiful pink, blue, orange, and purple lights will illuminate numerous cherry trees for you to enjoy. If you wish, you can rent a colorful lantern to carry with you upon entering. There will be relaxing music accompanying you as you walk through the venue, adding to the spectacular atmosphere of the event. You will find a food truck serving vegan food and drinks, aligning with NAKED’s goal of creating an enjoyable and sustainable event. You can also purchase sakura-shaped picnic mats to relax and enjoy your meal among the trees.

A unique addition to this event is the NAKED Dandelion, a one-of-a-kind sculpture that projects intricate and colorful floral patterns onto the ground below. You can interact with this sculpture, which is connected to others at a similar event in Kyoto. Upon touching it, you will send a dandelion to the other side, represented by the change in projections on the floor. It’s a unique creation, intended to unify people over vast distances during this beautiful time.

The event began on March 31 and will run until April 23. Tickets are required for entry and do not include additional amenities inside. You can find tickets online ahead of time or purchase them same-day at the entry gate. If you planned on visiting Japan for the cherry blossoms, why not see them in a way you’ve never seen before? You won't be disappointed at NAKED’s Sakura Night Garden.

Julian Kloby

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