It is not just the colors that fascinates, but also the lines and shapes (Photo: Larry Knipfing)

The Wonderful Ashikaga Flower Park

A real treat for people of all ages in Tochigi Pref

Larry Knipfing   - 1 min read

Tochigi Prefecture's Ashikaga Flower Park delighted me in a number of ways: it is beautiful, it is large but compact, there are lots of elderly visitors, there are a lots of handicapped visitors (in wheelchairs), there are plenty of places to sit and relax, there are plenty of refreshment stands; no long lines. The special treat, of course, are the wisteria ("fuji") in May. These gorgeous trees seem to stretch out for miles. But the park is a treat year-round.

Getting there

A short walk from Tomita Station on the JR Ryomo Line or Shuttle bus from Tobu Ashikaga-shi Station.

More info

Find out more about Ashikaga Flower Park.

Larry Knipfing

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