A super-cosy Mongolian yurt

Staying in a yurt at Nasu Kogen

Mongolian Village Tenger offers an unusual stay

A super-cosy Mongolian yurt
Rufus Starbuck   - 2 min read

Nasushiobara is a popular getaway with tons to do, and as such is not short on accommodation options. If you are looking for a great place to stay that is a bit out of the ordinary then how about staying in a traditional Mongolian yurt? We took the kids to Mongolian Village Tenger and had an amazing time.

The yurts are really comfortable. Large, round wooden framed tents with tarpaulins stretched over them. These are traditional ones imported from Mongolia by the owners and are designed to be taken down and transported as the nomads move the flocks for grazing. They are well appointed inside with carpets, drapes, wooden framed beds and cupboards. We went in spring with snow still on the mountains and the nearby ski resorts still in business, and can attest how cosy they are. Although you are technically camping, the heater and the blankets on the beds are super warm, and we only ended up using the heater sporadically, though the occasional trip outside reminded you how cold it was.

The yurts are connected to the main facility and toilet block by wooden walkways. There is a modern onsen where you can have a long, relaxing soak and a large communal dining room. The breakfast was buffet style with some traditional Mongolian fare alongside the standard staples, delicious yoghurt and a kind of porridge but the dinner was the favorite. It was an eat as much as you like Mongolian BBQ and nabe.

The Reception houses a collection of traditional Mongolian costumes and for a small fee you can all dress up in the national dress complete with leather riding boots for the obligatory souvenir photos. The kids loved this part of it and had to be bribed out of their gowns. We also watched a Mongolian dance and song show in the evening, and there are other experiences to be had such as traditional archery and even learning how to build a yurt.

The couple of nights we stayed were the highlight of our trip and the kids are clamoring to go back again - we surely will. Yurts have become a firm family favorite.

Rufus Starbuck

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