The Michigan Cruiser Pleasure Boat: Departs from the port of Hamaotsu, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. (Photo: Ann Yamagishi)

Lake Biwa with the Michigan Cruiser

Cruising experience around Lake Biwa

The Michigan Cruiser Pleasure Boat: Departs from the port of Hamaotsu, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. (Photo: Ann Yamagishi)
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Lake Biwa is considered to be Japan's largest freshwater lake. This lake gathers admiration not just from the local community but with tourists visiting. People usually flock during the weekends. Recreational activities such as canoeing, fishing and windsurfing are popular.

Cruising with the Michigan that tours around the southern part of the lake is one of the highlights when you visit the ports of Otsu City and experience Biwako's beauty.

Located approximately 10km east of the city of Kyoto, Lake Biwa is Japan's largest lake. It has an approximate total area of 670km and a circumference of 41m and a deepest point of 10m. The total volume of water it holds is 27.5 billion m3. The lake supports an abundance of life and industry across a wide area. It is also one of the oldest lakes in the world, calculated at over four million years old. This mother lake is considered a sacred natural environment, and is home to over 50 unique species of flora and fauna. It's name appears many times over in historical accounts as a popular stopping point on overland travel routes, and the area has numerous historical sites, including ancient shrines, temples, and castle remains.The islands on the lake and mountains that surround it provide beautiful scenery that has enchanted visitors throughout the ages.

My first trip to Lake Biwa had been memorable because of the presence of my beloved boys, even though the weather was not that favorable. We enjoyed sightseeing all over the lake, explored via the Michigan. We went from floor to floor and watched a band of Australian performers playing. We were lucky we could catch the band! While the ferry was being prepared, visitors were being entertained by a human clown in the waiting area. Visitors can also participate with the tricks he performs, also a blockbuster with the kids, if you are traveling with small ones.

We enjoyed the American fries being offered at the Michigan Bar, located at the second floor while listening and having excellent time with the band.

You can inquire or arrange for a reservation if you want at Michigan Cafe which serves a la carte dishes and cocktails.

There are four Michigan Cruise courses to choose that depart from Otsu Port: "Michigan Morning" for early departures in the morning, "Michigan 60" and"Michigan 90" both have morning and afternoon departures, whilst "Michigan Show Boat" departs at 6:30pm for a night-time cruise.

If you love cruising and have the chance to go near Shiga or Kyoto,you can drop by and take yourself on a lovely cruise with the Michigan. Perfect not just for couples and newly married ones but the whole family as well.

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