Grandberry Park

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With more than 230 shops and restaurants, Grandberry Park in Machida is one of the largest and most original outlet malls in the greater Tokyo area. The park has several sports fields and picnic areas, making it ideal for a shopping spree.



3-4-1 Tsuruma, Machida, Tokyo (Directions)


10:00 - 20:00 Open Now

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday 10:00 - 20:00
Holidays 10:00 - 20:00



  • Free Wi-Fi

General Amenities

  • Baby-friendly
  • ATM
  • EV charging points
  • Coin lockers
  • Nursing rooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • Foreign exchange service
  • Information Counter
  • Restroom


  • Wheelchair rental

Payment Method

  • Credit cards accepted
  • Pay by cash


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe


Granberry Park is adjacent to Minami-Machida Station (Den-en-toshi Line). It's 33 min from Shibuya by Express train, or 15 minutes from Machida Station (changing at Chuo-Rinkan).

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Near Grandberry Park

Global Residence Sagamihara

Global Residence Sagamihara

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Global Residence Sagamihara is a place with a real emphasis on community. Most of the guest are Japanese, but there are also many of others that come from all over the world. 

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Azamino Ukai-tei

Azamino Ukai-tei

Azamino Ukai-tei's exterior harmoniously combines the beauty of French and Japanese architectural influences with modern art — an elegant scene that continues inside thanks to a refined Western interior that integrates the essence of Japanese design. The high-quality seasonal ingredients are prepared by Ukai-tei's skilled chefs to create a French-cuisine inspired menu using Japanese Black beef as a main. Every course is sure to stay in your memory long after the meal is finished.

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Ramen Oozakura

Ramen Oozakura

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Ramen Oozakura (ラーメン大桜) is a regional ramen chain home to central Kanagawa that does great iekei-style ramen, serving wholesome bowls of shoyu/tonkotsu ramen to its customers.

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Curry Kitchen Kush Kush, Machida

Curry Kitchen Kush Kush, Machida

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Delicious Indian food in Machida's Kanamori: The small unassuming restaurant is situated on a busy thoroughfare, crowded with car dealerships and discount stores. It's easy to miss. But you'll be glad you didn't if you stop in to sample their mouthwatering array of curries and appetizers.

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Serigaya Park

Serigaya Park

Serigaya Park (芹ヶ谷公園, Serigaya Kōen) is a park near Machida station popular for cherry blossom viewing.

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The Yokohama Zoological Garden" "ZOORASIA" "opened in 1999 is a unique zoo that works with as few fences as possible so that visitors can observe the animals in an environment similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is therefore one of the zoological gardens of Japan with the greatest focus on animal husbandry as appropriate. The zoo is divided into areas with different climatic zones, such as an Asian tropical forest, sub-arctic forest, Amazon jungle, Japanese landscape and African tropical rainforest. There is also a grass park and the "" Wanpaku forest "" with play equipment for the children. In addition, the zoo includes the Yokohama Breeding Center, a closed facility that was founded with the aim of researching wild animals and effectively contributing to the conservation of rare species.

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Yakushi-ike Park

Yakushi-ike Park

Yakushi-ike Park (Shikisai no Mori) is a medium-sized park filled with seasonal flowers. Inside the park, you can find historic buildings such as the former Nagai family residence and the Ogino family residence. Enjoy a walk around the central Yakushi Pond, spanned by the Taiko Bridge. Over the hill towards the southern edge of the park, you can find the modern Shikisai no Mori Western Garden with its 44APARTMENT grilled cuisine restaurant and nearby farmer's market. It's also just across the road from the another family favorite, the Machida Squirrel Garden (10am–4pm, closed Tues).

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