Onioshidashi Volcanic Park

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Onioshidashi Volcanic Park (Photo: Mt Asama – Σ64 / CC BY 3.0)

Mount Asama, on the border between Gunma and Nagano, is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan. Onioshidashi Volcano Park is characterized by volcanic sediments that were deposited here during the great eruption of the mountain in 1783. The great diversity of alpine wildlife in front of the volcanic landscape offers some truly spectacular sights, black rocks formed by hardened lava criss-crossing the landscape.



1053 Kanbara, Tsumagoi, Agatsuma District, Gunma 377-1593 (Directions)


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A 35-minute bus ride from Karuizawa Station to Onioshidashi Park.

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Oni-oshi-dashi Park

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Near Karuizawa resort on the border of Japan's Gunma and Nagano prefectures, Onioshidashi park offers the best view of Mount Asama and its beautifully rocky, rugged environment.

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Near the resort of Karuizawa in Japan's Nagano prefecture, Onioshidashi is a fascinatingly strange, rugged landscape, formed by volcanic lava which solidified into an endless variety of shapes.

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Onioshidashi Volcanic Park


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